Wearing in Winter

Wearing in Winter

Posted by Rachael W in in on 2 June, 2015

Hi from Melbourne! It’s definitely feeling like winter here, so let’s look at some ways to stay warm! First thing to remember that it does not get ‘so’ cold here that we need to risk suffocation to avoid exposure. Keep baby’s face and airways clear from any constrictions. Blankets stay off heads and if they are on your back, remember that your hoodie hood will get in their way.

What can baby wear?

  • winter 1winter 5winter3Hats! Beanies (check it hasn’t rolled around and over their face), aviator caps, polar fleece lined bonnets etc
  • Long socks. Their pants love to ride up and expose shins. I found some great long socks at Cotton On a while back, but they’re a bit random. Lamingtons is an NZ brand (available in Aus) that does long merino socks.
  • Baby legwarmers. Baby legwarmers are very versatile. You can use them for keeping little ankles and legs warm in winter, they are great for keeping them warm during nappy free time as well. You can also use them instead of suck pads on your carrier, or I also learned some people use them to cushion the part of the shoulder strap that goes under your arm!
  • Other layers. You know best how warm your child gets in a carrier :)

Babywearing merchandise

winter 6Babywearing jackets and ponchos and covers are a thing that exist! There are several different brands with various “bells and whistles”. They come in different weights and sizes. Some are waterproof, some are more about keeping warm. Some have extra zip in panels with hood for your wearee. These can be moved between the front or the back. You can often buy an extra one in case of tandem wearing! If you google “babywearing coat” you should get a few options to look at. There are also babywearing vests!

You can also buy covers for your carrier. Try searching “babywearing rain cover” or “baby carrier cover”. Some are water proof, some are fleece. They may be made for a particular brand of carrier, but are normally able to be used on a variety.

Do I need to mention wool blend wraps and carriers?

Making do with what you’ve got

  • If front wearing, a big cardie, hoodie or jacket can sort of go over/around you both. Sometimes backwards!
  • Baby blankets or shawls can wrap around you and be safety pinned in place. Star shaped ones are very popular currently.
  • A golf umbrella is great as a rain cover for you both.
  • You can dress your buckle carrier or mei tai in a top or cardie to give it an extra layer. Put the straps through the arm holes :)


Other tips and tricks

  • winter 8winter 7winter 4Buckle carriers and shortie wraps are just great, because they don’t go on the ground.
  • You can braid your meh dai or half buckle straps to shorten them when not in use and pull them out as you use them. Or you can fold them up and put a hair tie/elastic over them.
  • You can put your wrap/straps in the open boot of your car, or you can stand in a big plastic bag (like an ikea bag) while wrapping/tieing on, to prevent your straps or tails going on wet/muddy ground. I saw that in a blog post last winter and I can not find it. If anyone does, please tell me and I’ll link.

Remember, baby should be Visible and Kissable, no matter how many layers you have on.  Please stay warm, dry and safe :)

by Racheal Worboys