Bring an existing babywearing group under the Carry Australia banner

If you coordinate an existing babywearing group in Australia you can apply to have your group fall under the banner of Carry Australia (CarryAus).

What are the benefits to becoming a CarryAus sling group?

  • You will be covered by the public liability insurance that is paid for out of membership fees. This allows your group to access venues that are restricted to groups with insurance and to promote at local events which may also have a requirement of insurance for exhibitors.
  • Registered volunteers are covered by personal injury insurance in the evnet of injury at a CarryAus sling meet or travelling to and from a CarryAus sling meet.
  • Your group will benefit from being able to legally fundraise and run raffles.
  • Your group and events will be listed on the CarryAus website
  • Volunteers will be able to join a large group of CarryAus volunteers to bounce ideas and share information
  • Your group will be able to borrow carriers from the existing master library
  • When items are donated to groups your group will be on the list
  • Your group will become part of the largest network of babywearing groups in the southern hemisphere.

What are your responsibilities if your group comes under the CarryAus banner?

  • All group leaders must be members of CarryAus
  • At least one group leader must become a Peer Educator under the CarryAus rules of conduct, and that person (or persons) take responsibility for running the regular meets
  • All planned events must be communicated to the committee and added to the website ahead of time
  • All fundraising and promotional events to be approved by the committee
  • Groups agree to submit a regular financial report to the committee of all incoming and outgoing monies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all group leaders need to be recognised peer educators? no. at least one peer educator must be involved in planning and running meets but CarryAus supports all babywearers and there is a place for individuals who choose not to become a CarryAus Peer Educator. 
  • Is it ok for vendors and consultants to also act as Peer Educators? Yes, please ensure that you have read and agreed to the code of conduct and that you have disclosed your vendor status to the committee. No sales or planning for future sales may occur at a CarryAus meet.
  • Do all regular attendees need to become financial members? No. While it is strongly encouraged that every group suggest that individuals join as members after attending two meets it is not a current requirement. 
  • Does signing up under the CarryAus banner affect the ownership status of a current sling library or demo pack? At this point in time CarryAus does not have insurance to cover carrier hire. We strongly suggest that groups do not loan out carriers. Your current carrier collection remains the property of your individual group 

If your group would like to sign up please fill in this form