Code of conduct for all CarryAus members

Code of conduct for all CarryAus members

Posted by in on 3 February, 2016

This code of conduct has been developed and approved by the CarryAus Committee of Management to guide and protect our members. We expect all CarryAus members to read, agree to and follow these guidelines.

  1. All members should make themselves familiar with, follow and advocate for the CarryAus community-based peer education approach.
  2. All people attending CarryAus events or participating in CarryAus online groups are welcomed and included regardless of their gender, race, sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, national or ethnic origin, parenting beliefs, political opinion, economic and social standing or disability.
  3. Any advice or demonstration of babywearing carries or carriers at any CarryAus event will be delivered only by CarryAus Peer Educators (or by others under the guidance of a Peer Educator). All advice or instruction given will adhere to our Educator Guidelines.
  4. All CarryAus Sling Groups will have at least one Peer Educator involved in coordination and leadership with assistance from Group Support Officers. Groups will follow and adhere to our Sling Group Guidelines.
  5. Babywearing vendors and consultants are recognised as valued members of the community and are invited to join CarryAus as members and/or group leaders. CarryAus events should however not be seen as an appropriate venue to promote a business and make sales. We ask all vendors and consultants to read and adhere to our Vendor Guidelines.
  6. We encourage our members to resolve any issues or concerns that they may have at the earliest opportunity with each other. Any grievances that cannot be resolved in this way should be brought to the attention of a Peer Educator or Senior Peer Educator as soon as possible. See our Grievance Policy for more information.