Online Continuing Education

The Carry Australia online Continuing Education course is a self-study guide for anyone considering becoming a peer educator with CarryAus. It is not a complete course of study and does not replace either a class or personal experience.


Module 1: Babywearing Safety (Preview)

CarryAus Infocard - Tips for educators - lets talk safety

Babywearing safety is one of the most fundamental things we are concerned about as peer educators. This module looks at the basics of babywearing safety and provides some ideas on how to best talk to parents about it.

Module 2: Inclusive babywearing support - cultural inclusion (Preview)


As an organisation dedicated to helping all parents and carers of young children CarryAus must make inclusivity a key priority. This module discusses cultural inclusivity in the context of babywearing education. It is a part of the wider issue of inclusivity and is not a comprehensive overview of the issues. This module will provide resources for you to continue to learn about this topic.

Module 3: Ring slings


Ring slings can be used for newborns through to the point where the wearer or child is no longer comfortable. Teaching people how to use a ring sling can be tricky, this module looks at how to help people get the best out of their ring sling.

Module 4: Stretchy wraps


Stretch wraps are ideal for the newborn period: but manufacturer’s instructions, especially in regards to lower weight limits are paramount to ensuring that the carrier is suitable for the baby. This module is designed to help you educate yourself about stretch wraps and how they can be used by parents and caregivers.

Module 5: Woven wraps - front and hip carries


Most people come to to a sling meet for help using a baby carrier functionally. A successful babywearer does not need to know many different methods of tying a wrap: two or three that work for them is plenty. This module looks at woven wraps and how you, as an educator, can best assist people with their needs using the resources they have available.

Module 6: Woven wraps


Back carrying can be an extremely useful skill, but there are several things to consider when providing people with advice at a sling meet. This module will offer you some tips and tricks to help people in your sling group make their woven wrap work for them.