Carry Australia Membership

Carry Australia Logo. White text on purple background with graphic of parent carrying a child in a slingJoin Carry Australia to support the delivery of free, community-based babywearing education across Victoria and eastern Australia. Membership is open to all no matter what your skill or experience. You just need to be passionate about advocating for babywearing!

Member benefits for parents and caregivers:

  • Our Sling Groups provide a safe place to get support get support. Our educators and other volunteers have signed up to provide unbiased advice and information in as inclusive a way as possible.
  • Our events and meets are covered by insurance so that you have peace of mind knowing that you can focus on the important stuff.
  • You get access to a consistent level of babywearing instruction and guidance. All of our peer educators have proven knowledge of how to use and to help others use the most common carriers available in Australia.
  • You can try out a huge range of carriers via our demonstration carrier library.
  • Keep up with the latest in all things babywearing with a regular members’ only newsletter delivered straight to your email inbox
  • We continue to welcome and support new educators so that groups can continue to operate as the founding members move on to other activities.

Member benefits for educators, health professionals and sling groups

  • Access to a resources for setting up and running a local Sling Group
  • Ability to fundraise for your local sling group
  • Ability to hire venues which require public liability insurance
  • CarryAus members’ only events.
  • An opportunity to build our organisation and contribute to making babywearing part of our communities!

Membership is on an individual basis and costs $22 per year.

Join now

If you would like to start up a new Sling Group in your area, or bring an existing Sling Group under the CarryAus banner please get in touch.