For sling groups

Everything you need to run your local CarryAus sling group

Setting up a CarryAus sling meet event on Facebook

This information is to help CarryAus sling group leaders with setting up an event listing for sling meets or other CarryAus events. Following these guidelines means that CarryAus always has a publicly available up-to-date list of all sling meets. This will make your meets more accessible to any parents and caregivers who are not members of your local […]

Graphics for Facebook pages and events

These images are for Carry Australia affiliated sling groups to use on their Facebook pages and event listings. Please contact us if you need any other promotional materials. Click on the image to open the full size graphic then right click to download to your computer. Thank you to Mel Muller Photography for the majority […]

How to start a sling group

Whether you have been babywearing for two months or ten years, with the right information and education you may be able to lead a group.

Code of conduct for all CarryAus members

This code of conduct has been developed and approved by the CarryAus Committee of Management to guide and protect our members. We expect all CarryAus members to read, agree to and follow these guidelines.

CarryAus sling meet sign-in sheet

Please ask all sling meet participants to fill in the sign-in sheet. After the meet keep your completed sign-in sheets safe for insurance purposes and to keep track of how many people have attended your meets over the year.

Peer Educator Guidelines

Guidelines around what is expected of a CarryAus Peer Educator and how babywearing demonstrations should be conducted at one of our sling meets.

Incident report form

This form is for CarryAus sling group leaders of volunteers to complete if there is an incident or accident at a CarryAus event or sling meet. Please complete the form even if the incident has been resolved.

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