Setting up a CarryAus sling meet event on Facebook

facebookThis information is to help CarryAus sling group leaders with setting up an event listing for sling meets or other CarryAus events. Following these guidelines means that CarryAus always has a publicly available up-to-date list of all sling meets. This will make your meets more accessible to any parents and caregivers who are not members of your local Facebook group.

It looks like a long list of instructions, but once you’ve got it going it will make things much easier for you!

  1. Set up a Facebook page* for your local CarryAus sling group (if you don’t already have one). There are some CarryAus graphics and suggested text you can use below.
  2. Set up an event listing for your next sling meet on your local group’s Facebook Page.
  3. Add Carry Australia as an event host. We will then get a notification that you’d like to add us. By adding CarryAus as an event host your sling meet will also be available to people not on Facebook. See our find a sling meet page here.
  4. Share your event to your local Facebook group and encourage members to subscribe to the events on your local page. That way they will be notified every time there is a new sling meet listed.

* We know that this sounds like more work for your group but it’s a key part of making our event listings public. You don’t need to put much on this page, you can just use it as an events listing.

Facebook event graphics

CarryAus cover images for your sling meet Facebook event

Suggested text for your event

Interested in using a baby carrier or sling with your little one?  At this free/gold coin donation [delete as necessary] event you can try a range of carriers and find out how to carry your baby safely and comfortably. We welcome all parents and caregivers, whether you have a baby carrier, a pram or not!

Please refrain from attending this sling meet if you, or children in your care, are unwell; or if you believe you may have been recently exposed to an infectious illness such as measles or gastro.

[If a gold coin donation is required] Please note that a gold coin donation is required to help pay for venue hire. Our sling meets are run by volunteers who work hard to provide quality community-based babywearing education. Without your contribution we won’t be able to keep using this venue so we appreciate your support.

{name of sling group] is part of Carry Australia – a not-for-profit organisation supporting babywearing sling groups across Victoria and eastern Australia. All CarryAus sling groups and members adheare to a Code of Conduct. To find out more or to become a member visit