Info card – Waiting for back carries

Waiting for back carries Info card
A5 pale purple background graphic.
Heading ‘WAITING FOR BACK CARRIES’ and subheading of ‘3 THINGS YOU CAN DO…’.
Body text is HIP CARRIES, If baby has good hip and neck control, an off-centre carry allows better use of your arms
to get tasks done.
PASS THE BABY! Sit down and practice moving your baby onto and off your back without a carrier.
When baby is ready for back carries, you will be too!
LEARN A NEW FRONT OR HIP CARRY Increase your skills by learning a new carry.
When using a wrap, you will become more familiar with the fabric and start to understand how each strand works
around your body. Confidence is the key to back carry readiness.’
At the bottom right is the Carry Australia logo and ‘’