Peer Educator Guidelines

Any advice or demonstration of babywearing carries or carriers at any CarryAus event should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Babywearing instruction at any local Sling Meet or CarryAus event will be delivered only by CarryAus Peer Educators or by others under the guidance of a Peer Educator (please note this is a requirement of our public liability insurance).
  2. Peer Educators (or their delegated assistants) are responsible for ensuring all Sling Meet participants are welcomed to the event and have signed a CarryAus sign in sheet.
  3. If a Peer Educator is not in attendance at a Sling Meet or CarryAus event it must be called a ‘social meet’. Group Support Officers can provide general babywearing advice but carries must not be demonstrated.
  4. Peer Educators must be signed off by a Senior Peer Educator and approved by the CarryAus Committee before they are able to independently demonstrate any babywearing at a CarryAus event. All Peer Educators should be able assist people with learning the following:
    • Threading a ring sling
    • Using a ring sling on the front and hip
    • Front wrap cross carry with a woven wrap
    • Using a meh dai / bei dai (also know as mei tai), including alternative ties
    • Using and tightening a soft structured carrier
    • How to safely get a baby onto your back with both a hip scoot and a superman toss
    • Ruck (back carry) with a woven wrap – tied in front and tied Tibetan
    • Using a stretchy wrap in a front wrap cross carry
    • How TICKS can be applied to all carries.
  5. When teaching carries to Sling Meet participants the following format should be used wherever possible:
    • Peer Educator should first demonstrate the carry or carrier while participant watches
    • Peer Educator and participant should then practice the carry together
    • The participant should then show the Peer Educator the carry by themselves.
  6. Sling meet participants are encouraged to use a demonstration doll in place of their baby in the first instance AND when learning any new back carry.
  7. Sling meet participants are encouraged to watch, then perform a front carry and master that (ie over a couple of weeks) before attempting babywearing on their back.
  8. Back carries should wait until baby can sit independently.
  9. Breastfeeding in a carrier only after four months (corrected). We encourage everyone to master the two separate skills of babywearing and breastfeeding before attempting to combine the two.
  10. The manufacturer is the expert on the carrier and their instructions should be followed where possible.
  11. All babywearing should be promoted regardless of manufacturer or maker unless:
    • the carrier, or manner in which the carrier is being used, fails to meet TICKS recommendations
    • the carrier has been recalled by a product safety recall, or
    • the carrier is a fraudulent copy of a carrier.