Sling Group Guidelines

Feature2These guidelines apply to individual CarryAus sling groups or regions as appropriate.

Sling groups or regions should:

  1. Have at least one Peer Educator involved in coordination and leadership with assistance from Group Support Officers.
  2. Hold a a minimum number of educational meets per year – at least 10 meets for metro groups and six for rural and regional groups.
  3. Set its own guidelines about attendance by non-members at meetings (however all newcomers should be made welcome and encouraged to join).
  4. Set up an account at a bank or similar and have a treasurer (this is encouraged not mandatory). The account should have at least three signatories, with two co-signing or co-approving withdrawals from the account
  5. Be responsible for paying for the payment of any cost in relation to venue hire, catering, purchase of carriers or demonstration dolls or other equipment. Gold coin donations can be requested at meets to cover venue hire.
  6. Be willing to run and organise locally based fundraising drives (the proceeds of which would go towards the local group or region) and also participate in an annual CarryAus – wide fundraising drive (the proceeds of which would go towards the overall running of CarryAus including insurance costs).
  7. Ensure that all babywearing instruction at any CarryAus event conforms with our Peer Educator Guidelines.
  8. Set up and manage a local demonstration carrier library, or make use of the CarryAus central demonstration carrier library. Any existing carriers, dolls or associated property held by a group or region will remain the property of that group or region. CarryAus is not liable for replacement or repair of any carrier in any of the local group carrier libraries. Due to insurance constraints it is recommended that carriers not be loaned out to members and be used only at meets.
  9. Manage a local Facebook group and page. All local sling group events should be listed on the group’s public page and have the CarryAus Facebook page as a joint host. This enables us to have a full listing of all CarryAus events at any given time.
  10. Advertise and promote the group in the local community provided these guidelines are met and followed.
  11. Ensure that any vendors participating in CarryAus events or online forums follow our Vendor Guidelines.
  12. Notify the CarryAus committee of any changes in Peer Educators and Group leaders by emailing
  13. Provide the CarryAus committee with a report on group activity at the end of the financial year (an online form will be provided to groups for this).